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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Cesc Fabregas Hopeful about Arsenal in Champions League

At the beginning of this season, most people wrote Arsenal off from winning any major trophy in England or in Europe. However, it is now almost the end of the season. In fact, there are just less than two months of playing in English Premier League and European Champions League. Arsenal is marching ahead in both the competitions. Arsenal has been alive in UEFA Champions League against all the odds. Now, Arsenal is in the draw of quarter final. The draw of quarter final of Champions League will take place 6th Friday and Cesc Fabregas wants Arsenal to do well in the quarter final. However, Cesc Fabregas does not want Arsenal play against Barcelona in the quarter final because he wants Arsenal vs Barcelona final in this year’s Champions League.

You know that the final of the Chamopiosn Leauge 2007-2008 will take place in Moscow. That final match is expected to take place in May. Of course, for going to the final Arsenal will have to win first in the quarter final and then in the semi final of UEFA Champions League. Fabregas thinks that the Arsenal side has the potential to do it. He also thinks that Arsene Wenger is a very good coach for Barcelona in the future. However, I think that Arsene Wenger will not want to go to any club leaving Arsenal as long as Arsenal fans want him to stay here.

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