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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Chelsea Manager Avram Grant and His Wife Given Death Threat

Chelsea manager Avram Grant and his wife have been given a death threat recently. A package including mysterious powder and a message of death has been sent to the Chelsea practice ground. The ground was closed immediately after a staff of Chelsea opened the package and found a note and power. The note reads that the power sent was lethal and the coach would gradually die after opening the package. However, local police confirmed that power was harmless later on. Avram Grant was not in England as he was with his team in Greece for the Champions league match against Olympiakos.

The Canadian Press reported:

A Chelsea staff member opened the package and found a note to Grant claiming that an accompanying amount of powder was lethal.

Local police closed the training ground before the powder was tested and found to be harmless.

The threat against the Israeli coach and his wife, a television presenter, was reportedly anti-Semitic.

Police is still investigating the matter and has taken it seriously. Though nothing happened so far, but it is a matter of worry for Chelsea. So, Chelsea might increase the security of the club.

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