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Monday, January 21, 2008

India Deserves to Be one of the Best: Mike Hussey

India’s 72-run triumph has come as a surprise for the once-seemingly-unbeatable Australian team in the Perth test, which stopped Australia’s record winning streak at 16. For the second time, Australia’s winning streak has been stopped by India. Earlier, Sourav Ganguly’s India defeated Steve Waugh’s Australia after winning 16 test matches. Now, India needs another victory in Adelaide in the final test of the series in order to level the series.

Australian batsman Mike Hussey has recently been full of praise about the Indian team. He thinks that India deserves to be one of the best teams in the world. To him, India is becoming the biggest threat for Australia.

AFP reported:

The days of India being considered easy pickings away from home are long gone, he said, adding: "India have to be right up there because they're playing so well away from home.

"You know they're always going to be hard to beat in India, but they've had a good result in England during the winter and now they're playing good cricket here in Australia and they did four years ago as well.

"I would hold them in high regard and with more respect because they have that ability and the team to play in all conditions."

India has given Australia their first home defeat since 2003 when India won a test and finished the series at 1-1. So, it shows how much dominance Australia had over the other test playing nations and India’s threatening performance against Australia. There is no doubt, Australia is gearing up to demolish India in the last test, and I think, this is where India has the advantage to win the final test as Australia is now under pressure, despite the fact that India is still 2-1 down the series. What India needs is to hold on their poise and play their natural game.

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