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Friday, October 05, 2007

House Season 4, Episode 2: Some Reflections

The upcoming House Season 4, Episode 2 will have some more interesting things for its viewers. House is the most popular television series of FOX that have been critically acclaimed for its quality. This medical drama already won The Emmy and Peabody Award. This is now the most watched television drama of FOX television channel.

“House” tells the story of a medical genius, Gregory House and a team of diagnosticians. Gregory House leads the team in diagnosing the disease of the patients. The drama shows the life of diagnosticians- the problems they face in diagnosing and how they solve the problems. Sometimes the patients are reluctant to reveal the true symptoms and that is why, House and his team face challenges to find out the disease. However, the interesting thing is that sometimes they enter the patient’s house in order to find the clue that helps House and his assistants to work on a patient.

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Gregory House is the central character in the drama. However, he is sometimes present negatively though some faulty activities. Sometimes the patients are misdiagnosed for couple of times that eventually lead the team giving wrong prescription resulting further complication. Moreover, House failed to find out an infarction in his quadriceps muscle that led to damage his leg. So, the character ‘Gregory House’ sometimes creates humor.

British actor Hugh Laurie plays the role of ‘Gregory House’, the central character of the drama series. His tremendous performance has already earned two Golden Globe Awards in 2006 and 2007. He has also been awarded with the Screen Actors Guild in the Best Actors in Drama category.

The second episode of season 4 is titled “The Right Stuff”. In the second episode of season 4, House is seen taking interviews of the applicants in order to take the new members of his medical team. Here, it is notable that Foreman and Cameron left his team and he sacked Chase. So, he had pressure from Cuddy to include new members. In the second episode, House takes a case of Greta, a would-be candidate of astronaut training program of NASA. However, she has some neurological disorder. If NASA knows of her problem then she will not get the chance to get into NASA. So, Gerta requests House to continue her treatment hiding his identity. House keeps the request and throws the challenge to the interview applicants to find out the diagnose Greta’s disease.

Eight Similarities between House and Sherlock Holmes

Many consider the television show as medical Sherlock Holmes. You can find at least eight similarities between Holmes and House. The similar facts are given below:

  1. House goes through any medical case details and based on this, he make a initial judgment regarding any case. Similarly Holmes used to do the same.
  2. House has addiction to Vicodin. However, he does not need the stuff when he is in any interesting case. In the same way, Holmes was addicted to cocaine but he could avoid talking cocaine whenever he found an interesting case.
  3. House has interest in individual psychology. Sherlock Holmes had the same kind of interest.
  4. In the drama series, House is seen to play piano and guitar. Holmes was able to play violin.
  5. The living address of Holmes was 221B Baker Street. In the "Hunting" Season 2 Episode 7 of the drama series, the address of House is also seen to be 221B Baker Street.
  6. You can find similarity in their name as well. The word ‘Home’ is the synonym of the word ‘House’. The word ‘Holmes’ is pronounced as ‘Homes’. So, don’t you think that the words ‘House’ and ‘Holmes’ are synonymous?
  7. In the television series, the name of House’s friend is James Wilson which is very similar to John Watson, the assistant come friend of Holmes.
  8. House is seen to have encounter with a gunman named “Moriarty”. Holmes also had envy with a person by this name.





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