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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

India vs Australia ODI Series 2007: NEO Sports Increases AD Prices

If you want to get the online live score and updates of India vs Pakistan fourth ODI then click on the following link:

India vs Pakistan 4th ODI 2007: Live Score and Updates


India vs Australia ODI Series 2007 will start from 29 September. Seven ODI matches and one Twenty20 match will be held in the series. NEO Sports has the exclusive telecast rights of the series. As India has recently won the first Twnety20 world cup, Indian fans are now very excited for the upcoming India vs Australia ODI series. India always plays very well at home soil and Australia could never show that much dominance in India. Moreover, India is now confident enough to face the world champion Australia.

NEP Sports seems to be beneficial using the current craze of fans in India. Business companies are coming out for television advertisements and that is why, NEO Sports has already increased the rate of time slots ahead of the ODI series. Naturally, they will try to ensure the best use of current attraction of fans to cricket. NEO Sports has already made RS 75 crore for advertisements. This sums up with 65 percent of their total expense of this series. NEO Sports aims at making RS 130 Crore from the India vs Australia series.

Economic Times reported:
India’s success will also have a rub-off on Neo Sports: the channel gets to up the rates marginally, from about Rs 3 lakh per 10 seconds to about Rs 3.30 lakh for 10 seconds.
Since Neo has been forced to share its feed with Doordarshan, advertisers have offered a composite rate for both channels. The going rates have currently been Rs 3 lakh for 10-second spot for a composite deal while Neo alone has been sold at Rs 2.40 lakh for a 10-second spot.

It seems that India’s Twenty20 world cup win has indirectly helped NEO Sports to make some quick cash in. In India, cricket is like a religion and whenever they get success in international level, their cricket mad fans are excited and business companies use cricket as a source to promote their products. Now, India’s recent victory in Twenty20 world cup has made people to be interested to the India vs Australia series. So, naturally, business companies, television channels and BCCI will be beneficial.

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