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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Cricket: Top Ten Fielders

In Cricket, fielding is a very important thing. A run saved is a run scored and a catch missed means a match is lost. Specially, these days, fielders can contribute a lot in helping a team to win. When it comes to fielding South Africa, Sri Lanka and Australia are good while India and Pakistani players are terrible in fielding. Here, I have made a list of ten of the greatest fielders. Some of them do not play anymore but they charmed the fans with their catches and run outs.

Ricky Ponting:

Ricky Ponting is one of the best batsmen in the history of world cricket. This talented batsman is now the captain of world champion Australia. As a captain he won the last world cup for Australia in 2003 in South Africa. With his batting skill he also serves his team as an excellent fielder. He is very speedy in running and his accuracy is something special in his cricketing career. He is also specialist in catching. Statistics shows that he has more than 100 catches in both Test and ODI cricket. He has 123 and 114 catches in Test and ODI cricket respectively and in both types of cricket he stands in the top ten list in terms of catching record.

Jonty Rhodes:

Jonty Rhodes is the cricketer who made people recognize fielding as an art and he is the greatest artist in this art. He is undoubtedly the one of the best fielder in the history of cricket. In the field his acrobatic movement was something unbelievable and real entertainment for the spectators. His could serve his team through his diving power, catching power and above all throwing capabilities which, for sure, save many runs for his team. Jonty is the only player who has 5 catches in a ODI match. Though he got chance in the team as a Batsman, he soon became familiar with his trademark diving and extraordinary fielding capacity.

Besides, his batting record is also very good but his batting career could not come into limelight because of his fielding performance. He has over seven thousand runs in ODI cricket and over five thousand runs in test cricket. Rhodes has 105 catches in his ODI career and he also bagged 34 catches playing just 55 test matches. He ahs made many picturesque performances in which Inzamam ul-Haq’s run out in 1992 world cup is special and it deserves to be included in the golden history of cricket as one of the best pictures ever seen in the cricket field. I am quoting some lines regarding that run out from southafrica.info:

Swooping onto a ball from his position at backward point, Rhodes raced ul-Haq, who had ventured down the pitch, to the crease, beating him, with his right arm holding the ball and extended like Superman, with a dive that knocked all three stumps out of the ground. The pictures were shown around the world and a legend was born.

Image Link: southafrica,info/ess

Regarding this talented cricketer, cricinfo says:

Rhodes worked harder than anyone else in a team of hard workers, frequently delaying the team bus at the end of practice for one more round of reflex catches hit from ten metres or less. Nobody has ever fielded better in the key one-day position of backward point, where he leapt like a salmon, threw off balance, and stopped singles by reputation alone.

Jonty Rhodes has been another name of fielding and I ma sure his name will be remembered till the game cricket remains alive.

Mohammad Azharuddin:

Former Indian captain Mohammad Azharuddin is also known as a skilled fielder besides his talented batting. He is best known for his accuracy and catching capability in the sleep position. Though it is true that he more famous and one of the best batsmen in the history of cricket, he still holds the record of having highest number of catch in ODI career. In ODI cricket Azharuddin bagged 156 catches and in test cricket 105 catches which also stands in the top ten list of most catches taker in test cricket. His batting performance especially in the ODI cricket deserves him to be included in the list of legendary batsmen. He has over nine thousand runs in ODI cricket and over six thousand runs in test cricket. He could his wrist extraordinarily while playing in the leg side which is a rarely seen among the batsmen.

Stephen Fleming:

Best known as his outstanding captaincy and his consistent batting performance, Stephen Fleming is also known as a very good fielder. His catching record can well prove his fielding capability. He is in the third position in terms of highest catch holder in test cricket and in fourth position in the list of highest number of catch holder in ODI cricket. This talented fielder already has taken 159 catches in test cricket and 119 catches in ODI cricket. Fleming has over six thousand test and seven thousand ODI runs. Fleming is one of those five players who have 5 catches in an innings in test match and also one of those five cricketers in the history who could take 7 catches in a test match.

Allan Border:

Allan Border is the legendary batsman in test cricket. He is the first player to reach at the landmark of 11000 runs in the history of test cricket. He has over six thousand runs in ODI cricket. However, as a fielder he was also very successful. His 127 catches in ODI cricket is just second to Mohammad Azharuddin’s 156 catches. He has 156 catches in Test cricket which is fifth highest in the list of highest catching holder.

Mark Taylor:

Mark Taylor is the former captain and opening batsman of Australian cricket team. He was very popular as a captain and also very successful. As a batsman he has more than seven thousand test runs and more than three thousand ODI runs in his career. Besides, he was also an outstanding fielder in the slip position. His 157 catches in test cricket was a record for that time and it is still the fourth highest catching performance. He also has 56 ODI catches.

Ian Botham:

Botham was former England captain and one of the best all-rounders in the history of cricket. He has over five thousand test runs with 383 wickets and over two thousands ODI runs with 145 wickets. Statistics can not prove his dominant role in his time in the cricket world. Besides his batting and bowling performance he is also known as a good fielder too. He got 120 catches in test cricket playing just 102 test matches. He also has 36 catches in ODI cricket.

Carl Hooper:

Carl Hooper was the former captain of West Indies cricket team. He has over five thousand runs in both test and ODI cricket. With his right-arm offbreak bowling was also very effective for his team. He has 193 wickets in ODI cricket and has 114 wickets in Test cricket. However, as a fielder he also served his team very well. He got 120 catches in ODI cricket which is third highest in the list of highest catching holder. He also has 115 catches in test crickets.

Brian Lara:

Brian Lara is a name has already been included in the history of cricket as most successful batsmen. ‘The Prince of Port-of-Spain’ nicknamed this benevolent figure of cricket is the highest run scorer n test cricket with his 11953 runs. He also scored more than ten thousand runs in ODI cricket. Lara is now the captain of the team and doing his job very well. Besides, he is also an excellent fielder. He has more than 100 catches in both types of cricket. His 164 wicket is the second highest catching record in Test cricket. He also has 114 catches in ODI cricket.

Mahela Jayawardene:

Mahela Jayawardene is a talented batsman and now the captain of Sri Lankan cricket team. He has over six thousand runs in both test and ODI cricket. This batting icon of Sri Lanka is also a very successful fielder in both test cricket and ODI cricket. He has more than 100 catches in both test and ODI cricket. He is known as a very good slip fielder. This benevolent figure of Sri Lankan cricket has already got 114 wickets in ODI cricket and 113 wickets in Test cricket. His 114 wickets in ODI cricket is the fifth highest catching record.

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  1. Anonymous12:01 AM

    I am a cricketer / cricket lover and I believe that H.Gibbs of South Africa should be there among the top three.

    As for me J.Rhodes is the best and then comes R.Ponting and H.Gibbs comes in.

    Some of the others are...
    P.Collingwood, M.Kaif, Y.Singh,

  2. Anonymous7:26 AM

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  3. Anonymous7:50 PM

    how can u say that india is bad at fielding they have got some of the best fielders in the world like yuvraj singh and mohammed kaif and tendulkar can catch better than most.

    1. i also say your words , and in my mine suresh raina is top
      great fielders of world

    2. suresh raina is great fielders in india

    3. Anonymous9:16 AM

      indian fielders are a disgrace to fielding

  4. Well Goddamitt!!!! It's just unbelievable that the best fielder,Mark Waugh doesn't feature in that list....

    1. Anonymous8:56 AM

      i agree , mark waugh is along with ponting are the greatest fielders ever. waugh was fantastic in any position. classical,nonchalont with a magnificent arm. how on earth can mark taylor and border be in front of him

    2. Anonymous12:06 PM

      Well Mark Taylor could actually catch, and you've obviously never seen Border throw down the stumps from short mid-wicket with laser like precision, or make ridiculously difficult catches look easy at 3rd or 4th slip. One of the most common things said about Mark Waugh's fielding was "You don't see him drop too many of those", just after he dropped another sitter.
      Also to the OP, "and above all throwing capabilities" Jonty Rhodes was a great fielder but he couldn't hit the stumps with the help of a guide dog for the blind.

  5. Have to agree that leaving Mark Waugh out is quite an omission, as was including Ian Botham. But a good list nonetheless. I would also throw in Roger Harper - at his peak he was as good as anyone I have seen. Of those you didn't mention, Paul Collingwood, Andrew Symonds and Michael Clarke all probably rate above Stephen Fleming in all-round fielding skills. Fleming (and Mark Taylor for that matter) was (is) a great slip fielder, but not as dynamic elsewhere.

  6. Anonymous2:35 AM

    You suck because you left out Micheal Clarke from the list. How the hell can you do that? He's the best fielder ever in my opinion and he's not even in the top ten ????? Sheeeeeesh, You really SUCK.

  7. Anonymous1:17 AM

    tats a gud list....as said above a list without sachin,yuvi,symonds doesn luk gud.....let dis list b updated soon in d future

  8. Anonymous1:22 AM

    hey guys.were's chris harris in tat list.damn god he s a gr8 fielder at any position,being a cricketer i admire him very much .

  9. Anonymous6:22 AM

    For all those children who started watching cricket after Vajpayee became India's PM, here are some names you should know... Gus Logie, Roshan Mahanama, Eknath Solkar.... And Gibbs, Collingwood, Chris Harris... And when you add, please don't forget the best subcontinent outfielders such as Kapil Dev, Murali, Ajit Agarkar and Ajay Jadeja

  10. Rishi1:51 AM

    If there is a Don Bradman of fielding it is “Jonthy Rhodes” and in my book he is a shade better than Ricky Ponting. It is quite ridiculous that you have missed Mark Waugh in the list. I don’t think you have watched test cricket much. In a list where you have names likes Mohammed Azharuddin, Mahela Jayawardene or Ian Bothan, “Mark Waugh” towers over them by a mile. He is by far the coolest and the sharpest slip catcher of the game. There were also a lot of excellent Zimbawean and New Zealanders fielders but people normally do not associate them with the greats because they did not play much of test cricket. “Gavin Larsen” of New Zealand for instance was good as Jonthy Rhodes.

  11. Anonymous6:08 AM

    I think you are wrong according
    to me YUVI is the best fielder

  12. thats just rong what about yuvraj and mohammad kaif u raciasaciat bitch

  13. Anonymous6:03 AM


  14. Azharuddin is the Best fielder among all this top ten fielders

  15. Anonymous7:38 AM

    derick randall how can you all forget the best ever

  16. Anonymous1:06 AM

    jonty is number 1 and dilshan should be there

  17. Anonymous1:06 AM

    dilshan should be there

  18. Anonymous12:37 AM

    Where is AB

  19. Anonymous12:53 AM

    u sould have included de villiers for his brilliancy in this field

  20. Anonymous12:45 PM

    fuck..! i think u dont know abt cricket i guess!
    wat u said is entirly anonymous
    1,Jhonty Rhods
    2, Ricky Pointing
    3, Andrew Symonds
    4, Mohamad Kaif
    5, Dilshan
    6, Colling wood
    7, AB divilers
    8, Yuvi
    9, Gibbs
    10, Michel Clark

    1. virat kohli also man

    2. virat kohli also man

  21. According to me the top ten fielders in cricketers:
    1.Jhonty Rhodes
    3.AB De Villiers
    4.Yuvraj Singh
    5.Suresh Raina
    6.Paul Collingwood
    7.Ricky Ponting
    8.Andrew Symonds

  22. Anonymous6:15 AM

    3 to 10 THE REST
    No doubt about it!

  23. Anonymous9:52 PM

    1 , 2 & 3 to 10
    I totally agree with that

  24. Anonymous12:42 AM

    Watch out Paul collingwood's cathching videos against aus, wi, pak, ... Simply the best

  25. Anonymous9:49 PM

    Yes! Technique, temperament, flexibility, stretch, effort (or) effortless etc., ........... it seems paul collingwood looks really good considering his late entry into the game and minimal chances he had as england scheduling mostly based on test match cricket.

    As far as his technique is concerned I am of the opinion is that since he was basically a foot ball players in his child wood / early years, often football headers/keeping hands come to the fore when he is catching the ball.

  26. Anonymous9:55 PM

    The difference between paul collingwood and the rest are
    1. He affects the body language of other fielders while catching.
    2. He attracts the other players towards him and the bowlers left stranded after completion of a catch.
    3. Since he was involved in important dismissals with a phenomenal way he lifts the entire team and changes the complexion of the game.
    4. These type of efforts gives bowlers gaining confidence and the opposition batters are increasingly getting dejected. It paves way for england to dominate the proceedings.
    5. Above all it seems to me truly a legend only can do this.

  27. Anonymous9:46 PM

    I agree!
    Jonty Rhodes & Paul Collingwood
    Their commitment in the field,
    in many ways,
    something extraordinary.
    Truly! legends of their own way.

  28. Yuvraj one of the best ever? I dont think so. He wouldnt even be in my top 30.

    Top 10

    1. Jonty Rhodes (obviously)
    2. Ricky Ponting
    3. Herchelle Gibbs
    4. A.B. De Villiers
    5. Tillakaratne Dilshan
    6. Paul Collingwood
    7. Mark Waugh
    8. Jacques Kallis (Brilliant slip fielder, best ever)
    9. Mark Taylor (second best slip fielder ever)
    10. Brian Mcmillan (3rd best slip fielder ever)

  29. Anonymous4:55 AM

    T.M Dilshan should be in the Top Ten Fielders.He is the current best fielder in Cricket!!!

  30. Anonymous1:30 AM


  31. Anonymous6:40 AM

    hey, i think you have gone mad where's sreeshant's name!

  32. Anonymous1:41 AM

    From Heydan - 2005 to Ponting -2010
    Paul collingwood at his best

  33. Anonymous9:36 PM

    Considering the impact and changing the course / complexion of the game, i think paul collingwood often does the trick for england. England won several of her games with the help of collingwoods crucial catches in an emphatic way. Though he his not performed with the bat still his fielding abilities won matches for england. Sum it up catches win matches. collingwood win greatness.

  34. Anonymous3:56 AM

    for me sachin is best ever fielder

  35. Anonymous2:48 AM

    who said India is bad there are excellent fielders in India Like

    Muhammed Kaif
    Yuraj Singh
    Suresh Raina

  36. Anonymous2:51 AM

    who said India is bad there are excellent fielders in India Like

    Muhammed Kaif
    Yuraj Singh
    Suresh Raina

  37. Anonymous8:32 AM

    I think ur a late starter of cricket
    just recall
    Gus Logie
    Larry Gomes
    Ekanath Solker
    Derik Randell

  38. Anonymous9:48 PM

    I thinkkkkkk............

    1. Jonty
    2. AB
    3. Raina
    4. Yuvi
    5. Gibbs
    6. Kohli
    7. Botha
    8. Brendon
    9. Shakib

  39. Anonymous12:28 AM

    I think rahul dravid or vvs laxman should have been involved in the top three I think they are the no.1 and no.2 slip fielders in the world respectively they change the reflection of the game by their crucial and breathtaking catches in test cricket.

  40. Anonymous1:47 PM

    India has a power pac'd fielding army nw dudz...
    Dinesh Karthik
    B dare to refuse Indian ma'SALA'.... jst **** *** :)

  41. i think the list should be as following......
    1. j rhodes
    2. ab de villiars
    3. h gibbs
    4. a symonds
    5. p collingwood
    6. j p dumminy
    7. m clkark
    8. t m dilshan
    9. e morgan
    10. d bravo

  42. Anonymous11:43 AM

    O hello younis khan is the greatest slip fielder n now shoaib malik n umer akmal r realy fantastic fielders

  43. Jonty Rhodes: is on no.2 thats tells the faliure of this list

  44. Anonymous9:48 AM

    do not forget AB de VILLIERS! ;D

  45. Anonymous1:58 PM

    dude dont forget Inzimam-ul-Haq According to me he is the best fielder who should be mentioned above jonty and ricky

  46. Anonymous6:57 AM

    the best
    1. jonty rhodes
    2. herschelle gibbs
    3. michael clarke
    4. ricky ponting
    5. graeme smith

    consider clarke & smith guys!!!!!!!!!

  47. ricky ponting is the most complete fielder of alltime.his direct hits won many matches for his side.his catching his ground fielding was splendid.he is a classic slip fielder great great point fielder...he is a complete fielding package..after him i would go for johnty rhodes..

  48. Anonymous8:12 AM

    according to me suresh raina and yuvi are best fielders

  49. Anonymous12:05 AM

    Jonty rhodes is d best fielder in the world

  50. Anonymous10:17 AM

    No doubt.....jonty and collingwood

  51. pandi6:15 AM

    1.Jonty, 2.ricky, 3.collingwood, 4.symonds, 5.pollard, 6.kaif, 7.dilshan, 8.mark waugh, 9. Fleming, 10.dumney..

  52. Anonymous8:06 PM


  53. Anonymous10:08 PM

    Dilshan must be on list

  54. Anonymous6:54 AM

    O! Where is Collingwood, Afridi and of couse Kaif

  55. Anonymous7:06 AM

    Yes... + De Villers missing in the list ! Amazing !

  56. Anonymous7:16 AM

    What are Lara , Tylor and Jaya doing on the list...
    Instead it should have been De Villers , Collingwood and Mohammad Kaif in their places... (Nvd)

  57. Anonymous1:08 PM

    hmm...munaf patel??

  58. Aaryan Arora12:15 AM

    It should be -
    1.Suresh Raina
    2.Virat Kohli
    3.Ricky Ponting
    4.Yuvraj Singh
    5.Mohammad Kaif
    6.Jonty Rhodes
    7.De Villiers
    8.Paul Collingwood
    9.Herschelle Gibbs
    10.Graeme Smith

  59. Anonymous10:14 AM

    Do you remember an incredible cricketer in the 1960's called Colin Bland? He surely must be on a best fielder list of all time. He constantly hit the wickets from the boundary. He was greatly respected by ALL batsmen.

  60. Kiss My ass. FUCK THE LIST
    Roshan MAhanama
    Mark Waugh
    De Villiars
    Upul Tharanga
    AS FOR VIRAT KOHLI, He can Kiss my ass for ever

  61. Fuck The list
    1. Roshan Mahanama
    2. Jonty Rhodes
    3. T.M. Dilshan
    4. Mark Waugh
    5. Paul Collingwood
    6. Mahela Jayawardane
    7. Upul Tharanga
    8. Brian Lara
    9. Suresh Raina
    10.MOhamed Azarudin
    As for Virat Kohli, He can Kiss my ass forever :P

  62. Anonymous9:06 AM

    I agree about Colin Bland ... my top fielder of all time. All the rest follow

  63. Anonymous2:51 AM

    where is collingwood,dilsan,ajay jadega,Roshan mahanama.

  64. This is the worst top 10 fielders list

  65. This is the worst top 10 fielders list ever!

  66. Anonymous2:12 AM


  67. Anonymous2:44 AM

    Bland, Constantine and Harris..all would make Jonty look quite ordinary