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Monday, September 11, 2006

All the Champions of US Open Tennis 2006

By: Biplob Kishore Deb

US Open is one of the prestigious tennis tournaments in the world tennis and is one of the four Grand Slam tournaments. US Open 2006 has just been over but the significance of the tournament of this year lies in the retirements of two legendary figures of tennis who are considered to be placed in the list of all time best. Andre Agassi and Martina Navratilova, two outgoing stars of tennis history, were in the lime light of this tournament. So, this is all about Agassi and Navratilova tournament. Now, I am going to talk about the winners of the major events in US Open 2006.

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Men’s Single Champions

Roger Federer

Roger Federer, the name that has been representing the Men’s tennis for the last 3 years in the world, has recently added another flower in his crown in the way of winning his third consecutive US Open victory. With this Grand Slam title his career total Grand Slam trophy reached at 9. He won three Grand Slams in a year for the second time. He made history in 2004 w2inning three Grand Slams in a year.

Federer was born in 1981 in Basel, Switzerland. His father is Swedish and his mother is from South Africa. He started playing tennis when he was 8. Before entering to the professional tennis in 1998 he got many successes in junior tennis including Wimbledon Juniors title and got Orange Bowl. Though he ahs been proving is talent from the very beginning of his career but it was 2003 when he could show his best talent to the world and put his first step to be the next king of the tennis world. He got his first Grand Slam title in Wimbledon in 2003. That was the start of a new chapter of Men’s world tennis which still continues. In 2004, he became the first player since Mats Wilander to win three Grand Slam tournaments out of four in a year which he also repeated in this year. He holds a record of winning 48 consecutive matches in grass court. He became the player of the year in2004 according to Tennis Magazine and awarded the Lautreus World Sportsmen of the Year in 2005. He won two Grand Slams in 2005. He is still in the number one position of ATP ranking since February 2004. His career prize money is fabulous amount of $26,346,458. In 2006, he became a Goodwill Ambassador to UNICEF.

Federer is now yet to be considered as one of the greatest tennis players of all time. Tennis legend John McEnroe said that Federer could be “the best ever player”. He is the first paler to win the Wimbledon and US Open for consecutive three years in a row. He is also invoplved in some social activities through his intuition Federer foundation to help the deprived children.

Image Link: ESPNSTAR

Women’s Singles

Maria Sharapova

Sharapova, the most popular name at present roaming around in the tennis world, has just defeated Justine Henin Hardenne in the final of the US Open a few hours in the way of her second Grand Slam title in her short career. Sharapova first came to light in 2004 after winning her first Grand Slam title at the age of 17.

Maria Sharapova was born in April 19, 1987 at Nyagan in Russia. She started playing tennis at the very early age. Her attraction to tennis started at her age 4 when she met with father of tennis champion Yevgeny Kafelnikov. She got a racket form him and makes it her friend from that age. Later at the age of 6 she played in an exhibition match against the Martina Navratilova, the then world number one, and having seen the talent of a six year old girl, Navratilova suggested her father to take her to the famous tennis coach Nick Bollettieri in Florida. She along with her father finally went to the tennis academy of Bollettieri when she was just 9 but her mother could not go with her as she was refused to give visa. She and her father faced some financial problems and language problems in the USA. I am quoting from an article to illustrate that condition:
“Yuri took his daughter to the U.S. without knowing a word of English and with less than $1,000 in his pocket. IMG, the sports management company, agreed to sponsor Maria and put up the $35,000 US per year it costs to stay at the Bollettieri Academy. Not knowing any English either, she was very shy and introverted. While her father took odd jobs, Maria moved into the school dorm when she was 9. Sharing a room with three older girls, she quickly learned the language. Still, it was hard on her, especially since her mother, Yelena, remained in Russia because she couldn't get the proper visa.”

She was determined to get success in the world tennis and in 2001 she entered in the professional career with the junior tennis. From the debut year she started doing well gradually in WTA competitions. In her debut year she won 25 matches while lost just in the three and won three titles. It is very interesting that Sharapova has never been to school in her life. After the arrival of her mother two years later, she took the responsibility to teach Sharapova.

Sharapova’s second successive year in her career was as successful as first when she again won three titles with the record of 26-3. Sharapova started playing in the major championships in 2003 and joined in the WTA tour. She could give a message that the next queen of the world tennis is coming. She has been awarded the WTA Newcomer of the year.

It was until 2004, the world could not imagine the giant step of a new comer. After winning the Wimbledon, Sharapova could turn all the focus on her. She became the WTA Player of the Year, 2004. Though she could not win any Grand Slamin 2005, she became the World no. one in the WTA ranking in August. In 2005, she was awarded the Master of Sports of Russia title. Sharapova is now at the number four in the list of WTA ranking. Her win-loss record is also praiseworthy and that is 214-54. She won 13 career titles in her career. Her prize money is as lucrative as her appearance which is $7,917,274.

This glamorous and fashionable tennis star is often compared with her native tennis glamour girl Ana Kournikova in terms of her good looking appearance. She has blond hair and this 6 feet tall teenager has been the person of to be flashed of by their fans and journalists. It is worthless to say that Maria is also in the way of her fellow countrywomen Kournikova as she ahs also entered in modeling but the performance in the court can easily apart them. Maria has already become the highest paid women athlete in the world. I am quoting some lines from an article regarding off court activities:

“She does photo shoots once in a while but her priority is tennis. Besides, she doesn't need the money, as she has very lucrative endorsement deals with Nike, NEC and Prince.”

Another article says:

She often takes modeling jobs and works on her endorsements, the likes of which include Motorola, Canon and Honda Japan. The attractive six-foot-tall blond often draws comparisons to fellow Russian tennis-pro-turned-model Anna Kournikova, but her skills on the court are what set the two apart.

2005 finds Sharapova on pace to take in over $20 million, most of which will come from her endorsements--the most recent a three-year $6 million deal with Colgate-Palmolive.”

It is now very easy to make a comment on the popularity of the Sharapova after she won the US Open. No doubt, Sharapova is now having the possibility to rule the tennis world. What is your opinion?

Image Link: ESPNSTAR

Men’s Doubles

Leander Paes and Martin Damm couple won the recently ended US Open Men’s Doubles Trophy defeating the Max Mirnyi and Jonas Bjorkman couple. They are, though, not very famous name in the world tennis, made this success for the first time if US Open.

Leander Paes

This Indian most prominent tennis player in the Doubles and Mixed Doubles tournaments has already three Grand Slam Doubles tournaments except Australian Open. He coupled with tennis legend Martina Navratilova in the mixed doubles won two Grand Slam tournaments including Australian Open and Wimbledon. He also won Wimbledon Mixed Doubles tournaments with Raymond. He along with his two Grand Slams winning partner Mahesh Bhupathi became world no. 1 in Men’s Doubles. Leander Paes also won a bronze medal in the singles in the 1996 Atlanta Olympic. He was also awarded “adma Shri” in 2001.

Martin Damm

Damm is famous for his Doubles successes who could already won 31 Doubles titles though he has not won any title in the singles. This Chez Republican started playing professional tennis from 1990. His highest career ranking in singles is 42 which he earned in 1997.

Image Link: US OPEN

Women’s Doubles

Nathalie Dechy and Vera Zvonareva couple won the US Open 2006 Women’s Doubles tournament defeating Dinara Safina and Katarina Srebotnik couple who are at no. 8 ranking. Dechy and Vera both have not won any major tournaments in Singles but they both could get some success in the Doubles and Mixed Doubles tournaments.

Nathalie Dechy

Dechy is French tennis player who could win just 1 IFT titles in her career in Singles. She reached in the semi-final of Australian Open in 2005 which is her ever best result in any Grand Slam tournament. Her highest ranking in her career was 12 in 2005. She could show her talent in Doubles where she won two titles including the US Open as her only Grand Slam success. 24 is her best career ranking in Doubles. In 1995 she started playing professional tennis.

Vera Zvonareva

Vera Zvonareva is from Russia and currently playing in both Singles and Doubles tennis tournaments. She started professional tennis in 2000. She has not own any Grand Slam tournament yet but has got some success in Doubles. Her career best ranking in Singles was 9 in 2004. She won 5 titles in her Singles career and her prize money is $ 2,496,413. However, in Doubles she won US Open in this year as her first Grand slam Doubles victory. She has also won two Mixed Doubles Grand Slam tournaments including US Open and Wimbledon. Her highest career ranking in Doubles was also 9 in August 2005.

Image Link: US OPEN

Mixed Doubles

Martina Navratilova era has ended successfully as this tennis legend has taken retirement after winning in the Mixed Doubles US Open tournaments with Bob Bryan. She is now in her 50. As she declared her tretimement before the tournament the final amtch have been something emotional for her and also her fans whom she could show her talent throughout her career. In the final their opponent couple was Kveta Peschke and Martin Damm.

Martina Navratilova

Navratilova is considered as one of the greatest Women tennis players of all time. She is the former world no. one tennis player in the women’s Singles WTA ranking. She won 18 Grand Slam titles in her career. In Doubles, she is also a legendary figure as she won 31 Women’s Doubles and 10 Mixed Doubles in her golden career. She was born in Chez Republic in 1956. She started playing in the professional tennis in 1973 when she was just 16. She could hold domination over the women’s tennis in her golden time. She holds the record of highest Wimbledon winner with her 9 Wimbledon titles and 6 of which are consecutive, another world record for Wimbledon. She won her final Grand Slam in 1990 after winning in Wimbledon. She declared retirement from Singles tennis tournaments in 1994. She is the oldest winner of Grand Slam tournaments and the only third player in tennis to have a “boxed set” of Grand Slam title including all of the four Grand Slam tournaments in all of the three sections including Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles. She won 167 Singles and 173 Doubles tournaments in her career and both of are world record for men and women. She also became world number one in Doubles. She ended her colorful career with her last Mixed Double title in the US Open of this year.

Bob Bryan

Bob Bryan is famous for his success in Doubles. Though he has not won any Grand Slam singles tournaments in his career, he along with his twin brother Mike Bryan won all of the 4 Grand Slam titles in Men’s Doubles. They are now at the no. 1 in the ATP ranking. Bob won 4 US Open Mixed Doubles titles in his career. He started playing professional tennis in 1998. Bryan brothers are from America.

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