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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Melinda England Hot Pictures: What Next?

Melinda England thought that she was a very hot girl of 28. Unfortunately, she was in the wrong job. She is a teacher in Inskip Elementary School and she teaches children not young people. So, naturally, Melinda England could not show off her body to her students. Good thing for her was that this is the age of Internet and you don’t need to spend money to show your talents and beauty. So, Melinda England was happy to showcase her talent (partially nude pictures became visible in www.myspace.com and www.absolutepunk.com ).

It is natural that many people looked at these hot pictures and appreciated the beauty of Melinda England. However, some people did not enjoy the matter and this caused a lot of unease for Inskip Elementary School authorities. Clearly, many parents of the students of Melinda England are outraged with this matter. They feel that Melinda must be fired from the school and not be allowed to teach.

VolunteerTV.com wrote:

Some of her blog entries also talk about her prescription drug use and her "wild" students.

"I think that's horrible, someone like that at school that's still here," said parent Angela Smallin.

School officials are aware of the pictures and say they are only in the investigation stage.

"There's nothing to indicate she's done anything inappropriate with the students," said Knox County School Spokesman Russ Oakes.

Oaks goes on to say like everyone else, teachers have first amendment rights.

But a Tennessee law says they must display appropriate behavior.

So, you see that opinions are divided about Melinda England. Obviously, many parents are angry with this matter. They want the authorities to drive Melinda away from the school. The school authorities are in a difficult situation. The reality is that Melinda has not broken any law yet. No report or complain has been found so far of her abusing any child (student) either. If she had abused any child or did any other crime then it was an easy matter for the school management to fire her immediately.

The school has written a letter to the parents and there the school wrote:

As we look into this matter we must remember that teachers maintain their first amendment rights, but there are provisions in Tennessee Law that address unprofessional behaviors by teachers. If the superintendent believes a teacher has acted in an professional manner he may take any action from the level of a verbal reprimand all the way through initiating termination proceedings using the due process rights held by all certified employees.

You can see the complete letter from this link: http://media.graytvinc.com/documents/Letter+Home+to+Parents0001.PDF

At this moment, Melinda England is on leave. Many parents are keen to see her off from the school. I am sure that many people have the same idea too. On the other hand, there will be some people who will feel sympathetic about her. They will argue that Melinda did not harm any student until now and there are many sex offenders in the society who really abuse children in every part of the society.

What next for Melinda England? There is some speculation that she might join adult film industry. However, it is just a rumor and Melinda England has said nothing officially about her future plan.

I wanted to give the title of this entry as: Melinda England: Guilty or Not Guilty? However, I realized that I am not a lawyer or a judge and I should not give any verdict about Melinda England.

So, what next for Melinda England?

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  1. Anonymous1:25 PM

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  2. She is not on leave. Your facts are apparently wrong. Also, no students saw those pictures. They were sent to the media by someone with an agenda. They were not accessible to students or parents doing a google search on her name. The only reason they were found is because the link and her commonly used online screen name was provided. Now, due to the media, those pictures have been aired. Parents were not outraged or upset until a reporter shoved a picture in their face.

  3. A Teacher6:33 PM

    This is just another case of some news channel with no good news so they go and rake the mud for whatever they can do to ruin a person's life. This woman did nothing wrong. Teachers are just as much of human beings as anyone else and we are entitled to our First Amendment rights. We are allowed to express ourselves sexually, artistically, politically and any other way we wish so long as it is outside the classroom. She never took any of her private life into the classroom and that is what matters. Stop persecuting teachers or pretty soon you will be begging people to teach while you hurl your insults.

  4. if you would have done some research before posting this garbage you would have seen that the "perscription drugs were for asickness, she was perscribed them by a doctor, and she nis a person, it is her buisness what she does outside of work, i personally think that there isnt very many people in the U.S. who havent had pics of that nature taken of themselves

  5. Anonymous12:27 AM

    wow looks like she was into body modifications too...
    check out www.MelindaEngland.com

  6. Anonymous3:14 AM

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  7. Looks like "anonymous" has him/herself a little agenda. You've set up a website to completely humiliate this teacher, along with lots of ad space to make money off of. Really hope you people are happy with what you've done. Oh, and get a life, you're giving our town a bad name.

  8. An actual teacher10:19 PM

    Actually, the teachers have a code of ethics they must follow as public teachers. If you follow there position, whats not to say that they couldn't appear in a pornographic film? As teachers of public schools, you have to retain a dignified life outside of school. If a teacher recives a DUI, they cannot work pending the investigation. They have certain restricitions in there contract.

    If you work for a company, and have foul things on your myspace, you can be forced to remove them, just for the fact that they can be linked to the place where you work. Just the same where they ask you if you have been arrested, when applying for a job.

    You have limmitations on what you can do outside of your job, in order to keep the workplace's name respectable.

  9. Anonymous10:20 PM

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  10. michael8:19 PM

    Her boyfriend was on the radio the morning of October 11th. Apparently the photos were on his myspace page with no info stating who it was in the pictures. They were not posted on her myspace page. Her ex-husband was the one who led news and the school to the photos. Channel 8 (where a friend of mine works) assumed the myspace page was hers, got a hold of the images, and began airing them. This was merely an attempt by the bi-polar and abusive ex-husband to embarass and hurt Melinda. These are the words of her boyfriend, so don't necessarily take them as truth; they're simply a seemingly more credible and informed source.

  11. Anonymous7:45 PM

    Update: A further fall from grace. Melinda England is currently in jail on drug and child enganderment charges.

    1. Anonymous5:13 AM

      Her ex husband was NOT ABUSIVE