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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Melinda England: Good Judgment vs Personal Freedom

I guess that many of you already know about the controversy related to Melinda England, an ordinary school teacher. In case you are not aware about the background of this matter then visit this link: http://techblogbiz.blogspot.com/2007/10/melinda-england-hot-pictures-what-next.html

Today, I read an interesting article by Heather Nauert in Fox News. She is totally against whatever Melinda England did and I felt that it was a one sided attack on an ordinary person like Melinda. After all, until now, we have not found anything to suggest that Melinda England has broken any law. She is an ordinary person in a small city and she never offended any student.

Heather Nauert wrote:

Take this more extreme example of poor judgment in academia: Melinda England, an elementary school teacher, posted revealing photos of herself wearing what appears to be lingerie on her MySpace page. According to "Big Story" correspondent Douglas Kennedy — who covered this story for us on Monday — England is still teaching her kiddies while school administrators investigate whether or not the pics of her in skivvies violate any laws.

One official said told Kennedy, "We don't have any information at this point that would indicate she's done anything inappropriate with respect to what she does during the school day or with her relationships with her students."


An elementary school teacher poses provocatively, posts it on Web for all to see and that's not "inappropriate"? Taking this a step further, could she engage in any behavior or any profession when she's not in school? If that's not a sign of poor judgment or inappropriate behavior, what is? What if she appeared naked?

I felt that Heather Nauert was too strict on Melinda England. Heather Nauert forgot that Melinda is not a celebrity and Melinda did not try to get any media attention from the pictures that were posted in the web. Secondly, she was not naked either. Whatever she did was a childish act and it was nothing serious in nature. Nor did she try to get media coverage with the pictures. Instead, to my utter dismay, I found that some websites and blogs criticized Melinda England and at the same, they posted some of the partially nude pictures.

I don’t agree with Melinda did but the sad part is that this thing has been blown out of proportion. She is just 28 years old- still very young and emotional.

On the other, I noticed that there are some strong supporters of Melinda who felt that Melinda has personal freedom to do whatever she likes outside of her class time. I don’t agree with this view either. Teachers are role model indeed among their students. So, they have to be more careful about what they do in their personal life. I feel that Melinda England has done nothing wrong but she has done a mistake.

Anyway, this is entirely my view and I know that it will satisfy neither the supporters nor the critics of Melinda England. I just wish that this whole Melinda England controversy ends very soon. It is not helping anyone and it is hurting the students of Melinda England.

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  1. Anonymous3:23 AM

    Razib Ahmed says that at age 28 the teacher is still "young and emotional." Immature and foolish is a more appropriate choice description of Melinda England. England supporters seems to suggest that a women should be free to "exploit" her sexuality, I wonder how they would feel if the male superintendent of the school system posted photos of himself in a bikini thong, complete with seductive back view shots. We have a generation that has no respect for themselves so explaining "professional" behavior to them is like blowing in the wind.
    With the growing numbers of female teachers who get busted having sex with students, England's actions are a further disservice to her profession. Yea, like her "wild" students who bite and kick now are going to respect her more because she's wearing panties on the internet. If I were her student, I'd ask to squeeze those big melons she's showing off. Those photos make me want to take her class and give her my full attention- if you know what I mean. Hey, don't call me a pervert. That's the reaction England was shooting for when she posted those pictures on the internet.